Job: Chatbot Developer: Opportunity to work with Chatbots, AI and Proof of Concepts

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

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Build Chatbots Conversational UI prototypes and POCs to showcase value of AI and virtual assistant to our clients Familiarity with different virtual agent solutions including voice like Amazon Echo, Google Home or Cortana Familiarity with bot development on social channels like Facebook, Skype or WhatsApp Ability to design and implement dialog management Experience with NLP and Machine Learning would be an advantage Experience with knowledge graphs would be advantage Proficiency creating process documentation Be part of AI Labs Entrepreneurial environment Explaining technical issues to non-technical people, help clients better understand the potential and limitations of AI and Virtual Assistant technology Collaborate with Data Scientists and AI Developers Experience with one of the Cloud Providers Ability to travel internationally

Wroclaw and Karkow


Kiełbaśnicza 6/2b
53-659 Wrocław


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NIP: 7642687723

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